Study of propofol-thiopental mixture for induction of general anesthesia in xylazine premedicated Donkeys


Study of propofol-thiopental mixture for induction of general anesthesia in xylazine premedicated DonkeysO.A. Bader L.M. AL-kattanColl. of Vet. Med./ Unive. of Mosul AbstractThe current study was conducted to evaluate the anesthetic quality produced by Propofol-Thiopental mixture (P-T) in six donkeys premedicated with Xylazine (X), (1.1 mg/kg IV). The intravenous dose schedule for P-T mixture was 1, 2 and 4 mg/kg of Propofol with 5 mg/kg of Thiopental Sodium, respectively. Each donkey was anesthetized three times with each dose of P-T, five minutes after X administration in random order at one week intervals.The anesthetic parameters induction, duration of anesthesia, time to sedation and recovery times, cardiovascular parameters, respiratory parameters and incidence of side-effects were qualitatively and quantitatively assessed.The results of the present study revealed presence of wide range of differences in the quality of anesthesia between the three doses of P-T mixture. The high dose of P-T mixture (4 mg/kg+5 mg/kg) produced an ultra induction time (7±4 seconds), which was free of excitement with longer onsets of sleeping times (54 min). But, times to regain sternal and standing positions were longer with this dose. While, the low dose (1 mg/ kg+5 mg/kg) failed to produce narcosis. On the other hand, the (2 mg/kg+5 mg/kg) of P-T, produced smooth induction (17.5±3 seconds) with sufficient tracheal intubations. Time to narcosis was shorter than that produced by the higher dose (animal still recumbent) (19.1±4), but with rapid recovery time (25.8±5.6). The transient apnea observed in this study which was usually followed by administration of P-T mixture, was shorter (37.8±18 sec.) with the medium dose (2 mg/kg+5 mg/kg), compared to that with the higher dose.It could be concluded that P-T mixture (2mg/kg+5 mg/kg), is an excellent anesthetic protocol for induction of general anesthesia in donkeys. It is the first record for the use of this mixture for general anesthesia in this animal.Key words: General anesthesia, Donkey, Propofol-Thiopental mixture.