Directions of Developing the Arabic Intermediate Trade From 1996-2007


AbstractThe Arab intermediate trade is considered as very important in the Arab economy, where it helps the exports to promote the surplus of commodities and services among the Arab states, and the imports to meet the needs of the increasing local demand, as well as, beside its reaction with the industrial, agricultural and service activities participated in its economical growth and development. Also, it constitutes a very little rate of the Arab foreign trade which reached to % 10 as an average of the research at best times. This needs to a number of the main requirements such as: developing ground, naval and air ways, as well as, using means of technical communications, and ensuring the financial sources. They are considered the cornerstone to develop the material base and activating the situated industries and developing the related services. Finding new industries may help in developing the Arab intermediate trade. Arab intermediate trade plays an important role in Arab economy, the Arab countries have to affiliate to this type of trade, and increase this rate to more than % 25 during the few next years and passing the factors which lead to weaken the Arab intermediate trade such as: canceling the taxes among the Arab countries imposes on exports and imports, leaving the political disagreements among the Arab countries. This influenced the intermediate trade exchange, encouraging the mutual Arab investment, and securing the intermediate Arab exports and imports, as well as, activating the Economic Unity Council to make a number of measurements lead to activate the Arab intermediate trade