Synthesis Of Some Modified Poly(vinyl chloride) Containing Cinnoline-deravitives


Abstract The present work consist of synthesis and characterization of three modified PVC polymers containing mercapto and hydrazino cinnoline-deravitives as pendent groups in the repeating units were synthesized in this work according to the following: 1:- Reaction of PVC with 4- hydrazine- 5- methoxy cinnoline in THF solvent afforded the following modified polymer (P1) 2:- Treatment of PVC with 4-mercapto 5- methoxy cinnoline in THF solvent furnishes the following modified polymer (P2) 3:- Reaction of PVC polymer with a mixture of equall amount of 4- hydrazino and 4-mercapto-5-methoxy cinnoline yields the following modified PVC polymer (P3) Structures of all these modified polymers have been confirmed by spectral (FT-IR and UV) analyses. The results indicated the presence of cinnoline-deravitives rings in the polymeric chain.