Effect of dusts by some fungicides on infection percentage of common smut disease and growth characteristics oil percentage for many genotypes of corn (Zea mays L.)


A field experiment was carried out at the research farm, college of Agric. Al-Anbar University, during the autumn season of 2003. The Objective was to determin the effect of fungicides dusts on common smut disease and some growth characteristics and oil percentage for five genotypes of corn, Rabia alawal, Almassara, Alssaffa, Shahad and Buhooth 106. Seeds were dust by fungicides; Carboxin, Dithane M-45 and Dividend. A split-plot arrangement in R.C.B.D with three replications was used, genotypes were assigned in the main plots, while fungicides in subplots. Fungicides carboxin significant effect had given a lowest infection percentage. And highest oil percentage also Dithan M-45 effect was significant in oil percentage. Significant effects for genotypes in dry weight/h., Buhooth 106 genotype had given highest significant effect but wasn’t significant with Rabia alawal genotype.In infection percentage, Shahad and Alssaffa genotypes significant difference with other genotypes. Interaction between fungicides carboxin and genotype Shahad was significant effect in infection percentage. Buhooth 106  carboxine treatment and dithane M-45 had highest significant with other treatmants and Rabia alawal dividend. Treatment in dry weight/h. and in interaction alssaffa  diathan M-45 and Alssaffa  control had given highest significant in oil percentage.