Preparation of Poly (N-4-Antipyrinyl Amic Acids) and Studying Their Controlled Release Drug Polymers


Abstract Two new monomers of N-4-antipyrinylmaleamic acid M1 and N-4-antipyrinyl citraconamic acid M2 were synthesized from reaction of 4-Aminoantipyrine with maleic anhydride or citraconic anhydride at room temperature with dioxane as a solvent. The prepared monomers M1 and M2 were polymerized free radically with AIBN as initiator to corresponding polyamic acids P1 and P2. Which were converted to their sodium salt polymers P3 and P4 to enhanced their solubilities in water. The physical and chemical properties were studied for monomers and polymers, also FT-IR ,1H-NMR and UV. Spectroscopy were characterized. The intrinsic viscosity was measured by Ostwald viscometer at 30 0C .The swelling %was measured and the controlled release rates of drug polymers were studied in different pH values at 37 0C.