Causes of Delay in Age Appropriate Vaccination


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:The child vaccination status is influenced by factors such as the child’s health status , economic status ,parental health attitudes and family characteristics . The effects of these risk factors including the child’s age , poverty status , geographic location , race , ethnicity and education level of parents .We undertook this study to estimate the risk factors of children who had delay in age appropriate vaccination .METHODS :200 children with history of delay in their age appropriate vaccination were examined in their last visit to vaccination department in Fatema Al-Zahra teaching hospital . their mothers had been inquired about the real causes of delayed vaccination .RESULTS :Child sickness , poverty , large family size , low parental education level , terroristic explosion , one parent family , vaccine contamination rumor ,and displaced families , were significantly related causes of increased child vaccination delay .CONCLUSION :the study had concluded that large family size formed 30.5% of the demographic factors that influenced vaccination status of children .