Study the Variation of Sunflower Genotypes in Germination at low Temperature


This study was conducted to identife several genotypes for their resistance to low temperature in the rainfed and irrigated area of Iraq. The study included (121) genotypes of sunflower. Fifty seeds of each genotype were sown in petridishes and incubated at temperature ranged between 3-5ºC in completely randomized design with three replication. Highly significant differences between all characters. It was found that eight of these genotypes of a Russian origin: V.6540-1 , Cherniyanka-3 , V.6540-2 , V.6540-4 , Peredovik-2 , V.8931-2 , Yehisey-3 , Cherniyanka-4 showed high resistance to temperature. Therefore these genotypes can be included in breeding programs for low temperature during germination and seedling growth.