Study of unusual clinical cases in Iraqi Farm Animals


During a period extended in between 1998 into 2009 years sixth unusual clinical cases, were register. These cases were brought to private clinic and clinic of Veterinary Medicine College, which includes the followings: large subcutaneous cyst located at the neck of a buffalo aged eight year were presented. The cyst developed as a small swelling and gradual increase in size in a period of 5-6 months. The cyst was treated surgically by complete evacuation, and packed with drain. The second cases, four year female buffalo, having a tissue mass above the carpal joint. This mass was a gradual increase in size, after parturition. The content was aspirated; the physical examination revealed that, this content is milk and the case as an ectopic mammary tissue. While the third cases, nine year old cross breed cow with history of having pregnant of seven month, showing decrease appetite, abnormal harsh cough and enlargement of larynx. After complete examination and investigation, there was sharp metallic needle inside the larynx..Laryngotomy was performed to remove of the foreign body. After fourteen days of operation, the animal returns to normal condition.. The four case, eight-year old cow with a history of having seven month pregnant was delivered dead large fetus with two heads and two necks. The post mortems revealed that the two necks connected at the first thoracic vertebrae and there was anasarca and ascitis. The last two cases represented by ameloblastoma with a history of mass close to the mandible of old local breed sheep was diagnostic. Ameloblastoma is present as a swelling and appear radiographically as radiolucences lesion and histopathologically composed of unilocular or multilocular cyst and cords of epithelium. It treated by complete lesion excision. And, the last one a case of osteoblastoma arising in the frontal bone of local breed sheep 5 year in aged was diagnostic. It present as swelling and appear radiographically as radio-opaque lesion, the histopathological is of a highly vascularized stroma with immature bone. This lesion is treated by complete excision.