In Vitro Human Sperm Activation by Using Progestrone Medroxy-Acetate


The aim of this study is investigate the effect of incubation periods ( 90 and 120 minutes ) on the sperm functions of ten human asthenospermic specimens which are incubated with different concentrations of progestrone medroxy-acetate (0.1 , 0.4 and 1 mg/ml ). These concentrations were added to glucosaline medium ( control ) and used for in vitro sperm activation . The incubation of asthenospermic specimens with glucosaline supplemented with 0.4 mg/ml progestrone medroxy – acetate caused a significant increase ( p < 0.001 ) in sperm motility percent and grade activity compared to control group ( glucosaline alone ) after 90 and 120 minutes . So progestrone medroxy-acetate, when used at 0.4 mg / ml can maintain the improved sperm motion for longer duration enough to increase the number of sperm reaching the upper reproductive tract and increase the fertilization capacity in the assisted reproduction technique.