The effect of crude methanolic extract of ginger (Zingibe officinale) root in different cell lines in vitro


This study involved the affectivity of crude methanolic extract of ginger root on different cells line in vitro, four cancer cell lines were tested Hela, L20B,Hep2, AMN3 compared with normal cell line (REF)and transformed cell line (Vero). Four extract concentrations were prepared (125,250,500,1000) µg/ml respectively, the results showed a significant inhibitory effect on the growth of different cell lines under study, also regression showed a significant negative relationship between plant extract and cell lines,1000 µg/ml concentration showed significant effect on cell lines growth (HELA,Hep2,L20B and Vero) on the other hand AMN3 was not affected by the plant extract, there was a direct relationship between concentrations and the rate of inhibition of the cell lines, on the other hand the normal cell line were more effected than cancer cell lines under study.