Prevalence of Silent Bacteriuria in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Diabetes mellitus and it’s complications continue to carry a major health problem. There is evidence thatdiabetics are more prone to urinary tract infection.AIM OF THE STUDY:The study was done to assess the prevalence of significant bacteriuria in patients with no urinarysymptom.METHODS:Midstream urine samples were collected from 200 diabetic patients. There were 102 females and 98 malesand 80 urine samples from non diabetic persons as control were screened for bacteriuria.RESULTS:Out of 200 diabetic urine samples 18 patients [9%] had significant bacteriuria while 2 urine samples[2.5%] of non diabetic samples has significant bacteriuria. Three types of bacteria were isolated fromurine samples,Escherchia coli, Staphylococcus, and Proteus and Escherchia coli was the high in numberamong the other genera.CONCLUSION:Analysis of the results showed significant bacteriuria in diabetic patients compared with non diabeticpatients {p value < 0.05}.