Turkish Foreign Political Behaviour Towards Iraq After April, 9th, 2003


Turkey's recognition of the Iraqi state which has established in 1921 delayed till 1926 when the question of Mosul has been solved after the League of Nations has issued a re solution in December 1925 keeping Mosul Welayet within the border of Iraqi state. Although Turkey has accepted the resolution and fulfilled it but still the Turks remained waiting chances in finding means that could help them in achieving their own ambitions by modifying borders on the protest of preventing armed elements of P.K.K. from penetrating the Iraqi Lands. During the Gulf war II 1990-1991, different Turkish military intervention, presenting facilities for Us forces in applying No-Fly Zone north of Iraq. After U.S.occupation of Iraq, Turkey tried to apply the idea of sending military forces into Iraq mid of september 2003, issuing statments Concerning the problem of Kirkuk City.This Paper is an attempt in following up the Foreign political behaviour of Turkey towards Iraq after April, 9th' 2003.