Factors affecting the rates of inflation in Turkey for the period 1985-2005


This research focuses on the study of variables affecting the rate of inflation for a number of macroeconomic variables (money supply, exchange rate, budget deficit), where inflation was characterized by much of the economies of developing and advanced countries alike, prompting many of the interested members of the economic side of inflation to guide their studies, to focus on this direction, The increase in money supply leads to a steady increase in the inflation rates, The goal of the research is to identify the nature of the problem of inflation in Turkey and monetary affecting factors which are based on the assumption that monetary changes are the main cause of the problem of inflation in Turkey during the study theoretical framework of the study included the theoretical foundations to study the problem of inflation and access the influential mechanism of the factors affecting the rates of inflation and boosted research using the tools of regression analysis using the method (Oridinary Least Square). The research found a number of results which document the ideas of Monetary theory School that the problem in Turkey is a problem purely monetary problem, according to the estimation and analysis associated this problem with the liberalization of monetary policy and exchange rate regime.