Toxoplasmosis among schizophrenic patients in Al-Rashad Teaching Hospital


Background;Studies showed that people with schizophrenia and other mental disorders have a higher incidence of exposure to T.gondii. The aim of the present paper is to estimate the rate of toxoplasmosis in schizophrenic patients.Methods;A total of (125) serum samples were studied.(100) patients from AL- Rashad Teaching Hospital compared with (25) healthy person as a control group; during the period from October 1,2009-March31,2010. All were male of age (20-55 years).Serum samples were tested by using ELISA Toxoplasma technique for Ab. detection (IgG and IgM) in addition to the serum testosterone concentration.Results;The results showed that 49% schizophrenics have IgG positive Toxoplasma ,6% have positive IgM and 4% have both IgG and IgM positive Toxoplasma .The risk of having schizophrenia in subjects with positive IgG Ab is 5 times higher than negative IgG Ab persons. The mean IgG Ab. titer was higher (1.1) in schizophrenics. The serum testosterone concentration was significant (6.1)in schizophrenics & was significantly higher in schizophrenics with positive IgG Ab.(7.1). No associations were found between toxoplasmosis and residence, smoking, alcohol consumption, educational level, history of contact with cats, or marital status. Conclusion;Schizophrenics have IgG positive Toxoplasma , high IgG Ab titre & serum testosterone concentration.