Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge Towards Child with Bacterial Meningitis at Pediatric Teaching Hospitals in Baghdad City


AbstractObjective: The study aims to assess nurses' knowledge toward the child having bacterial meningitis and to find the relationship between nurses' knowledge and their demographic variables. Methodology: A descriptive study was carried out at the pediatric teaching hospitals in Baghdad from the 1 st November 2005 to the 1 st August, 2006.Non probability (purposive) sample of (60) nurses were selected from pediatric teaching hospitals in Baghdad, these nurses are working at medical, pediatric emergency wards and premature units and they have at least one year of experience in pediatric hospital.The data were collected through using specially constructed questionnaire, which comprises (107) items and filled by using interview technique.The reliability of the questionnaire was determined through a pilot study and the validity through a oanel of experts.The data were analyzed through the application of descriptive statistic frequency, percentage, and the application of inferential statistical procedures, which include Pearson correlation coefficient and chi-square.Results: The results of the study indicated that nurses have inadequate knowledge about general information (35 %), diagnosis (38.3 %), and medical treatment (40 %).While they have accepted level of knowledge (38.3 %), in nursing management toward the child with bacterial meningitis.In conclusion the results indicated that one third of the sample (33. 3 %) has poor knowledge toward all aspects of bacterial meningitis.Moreover, there is no significant association between nurse's knowledge and their age, sex, and marital status. However, significant relationship is found between their knowledge and their level of education, years of experience in pediatric unite, and years of employment.Recommendation: The study recommended that education and training programs in bacterial meningitis should be presented to the nurses. Key wards : Bacterial Meningitis