Building the capacity of a measure of creativity in the Iraqi environment


This research concerns with model constructing of innovation ability measurement that has originated from the national environment with the intention of getting more real and accepted results in the scope of personnel ability measurement and taking advantage of these abilities.The questionnaire has been used in this research where it is distributed on (40) personnel who have high academic certifications. The principal and designed (proposed) measurement have been applied on the same model , in order to test the dependent assumptions, and the results have been calculated and compared with each others.The research has ended up by a number of conclusions and recommendation. The most important conclusion is that new (proposed) measurement results are not complying with the principal one (Ettlie & O'Keefe, 1982). This means that every individual has an innovation seed that has been irrigated by his surrounding circumstances. Whenever these circumstances be healthy, it will help in the appearance of the early age, clear, and useful innovation ability.