Adsorption Study of Para Phenylen di amine ( PPDA )On Bentonite clay surface


The removal of Para Phenylen di amine (PPDA), by bentonite clay surface has been Performed in investigating by the effect of initial concentration,PH,and temperature, on this process The equilibrium concentrations have been determined spectro photometric by using ultra violet - visible technique.The equilibrium data are fitted to the frenudlich isotherm equations.The adsorption amount of (PPDA) is increased when the temperature and PH decreased.The thermodynamic Parameters like ∆Gº,∆Hº,and ∆Sº have been calculated from the effect of temperature on adsorption process,its found from the adsorption process is exothermic .The kinetic of adsorption process has been studied depending on Lagergren kinetic equation.