The impact of the Eisenhower Doctrine on the Syrian-Jordanian relations 1957 - 1976


Payment of the strong competition between the United States and the Soviet Union to fill the vacuum caused by the decline in Britain and France for the region after World War II, and they came out for good ones, has led to the success of some of the projects the western region, and to split the Arab world between pro-system of the socialist countries led by the Soviet Union and biased to it, and between pro-Western leadership of the United States of America, has sided with Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Lebanon to the Western camp, while aligned with Egypt and Syria to the eastern bloc, with the result that characterized relations between the Arab countries, particularly Syria and Jordan is much doubt and suspicion and try all of them to interfere in the the internal affairs of another, and therefore interacted image of the political situation between the Western countries to form a picture of relations between Jordan and Syria.