Hafnia Alvei Urinary Tract Infection


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:The genus Hafnia , a member of the family Enterobacteriaceae, consists of Gram negative bacteriathat are occasionally implicated in both intestinal and extraintestinal infections in human. This genuscontains only a single species (Hafnia alvei).METHODS:The above bacterium was identified from 250 bacterial strains which were isolated from 220 urinesamples of patients with urinary tract infection.RESULTS:One H. alvei strain was isolated from an elderly patient, and identified by conventional biochemicaltests and API20E system at the first time in Iraq. Antimicrobial susceptibility test showed that thisstrain is sensitive to Cefotaxime, Ciprofluxacine, Chloramphenicol, Doxycycline and Trimethoprimsulfamethaxzole,while it is resistant to Penicillin, Oxacillin and Amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid.CONCLUSION:H. alvei an important uropathogen that causing urinary tract infection in elderly and may be inimmunocompromised patients.