Studies Pressure Drop of gas-Non-Newtonian Liquid Two Phase Flow in Bubble Column


An exclusive study has been done on experimental investigation of the two-phase flowpressure drop in an air-non-Newtonian liquid (CMC solutions) system in bubble column.The effects of gas and liquid flow rate on two-phase pressure drop have been illustrated.Experiments in a 0.2-m diameter, 2.4-m-high bubble column were carried out to determinethe pressure drop. At the selected superficial velocities, two flow regimes were observed:heterogeneous bubbling flow and heterogeneous churn turbulent flow, they were identifiedthrough the slope changes in the plots of pressure drop and gas holdup. The pressure dropdid not seem to be affected by the superficial liquid velocity and it was increased as thesuperficial gas velocity decreased or the CMC concentrations increased.