The Role of Employees Empowerment to Support the Continuous Improvement Aims: A Filed Study in the Industrial State Company for Drugs and Medicals Applicances Nineveh


AbstractThe industrial organizations face competition challenges that have been posited in a research mechanism in practice to enhance the human factors. This can be shared through determining policies and decisions making because of its potential capabilities that plays effective roll in this field if invested by the organization management. The empowerment of employee considered as cotemporary introduction which expand a new field for employees to share in treating organization problems and enhanced its competition site. According to this image, this research concerns to clear the use of the employees empowerment in continuous improvement in all organization activities through a field study on State Company for Drugs and medical Appliances in Nenivah by using a questioner for a sample of employees in the company. The research concluded that there are relationships and impacts between the human empowerment and continuous improvement aims, and also drawn some suggested urging the company management to increase the employees shearing zone in its deferent practices.