The Role of Interleukines in Asthmatic Patients


Background: Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways because body exposure to foreign materials that stimulate immune response characterized by secretion of cytokines from inflammatory cells.Objective: Diagnosis of asthma to detect about IgE,IL 1B,IL 2IL 8,,IL10 ,and IL12 in patients clinically suspected . Patients and Methods:50 blood samples out patients were collected in a labeled 5 ml tubes,aged (26 years to 58 years ) were tested by Enzyme Linkined Immuno Sorbant Assay to detect IgE,IL 1B,IL 2IL 8,,IL10 ,and IL12 were carried in Al-Hussein Hospital in Kerbala ,during the period from May to Augest 2010. Results:50 patients were evaluated for asthma and correlation between IL 1B,IL 2,IL 8,IL 10 ,IL 12 values (20,76,62,44,76)% respectively and IgE value (50)%.Increasing values of IL2,IL 8,IL 10,IL 12 (36,26,24,32)%respectively at ages(37-47)years were led to decreased IgE value(10%),and IL 2,IL 8 values were (24,22)% respectively comparion with IgE(10%). Conclusions: Importance studying factors( IL 1B,IL 2,IL 8,IL 10 ,IL 12) in diagnosis of Asthmatic patients after clinically diagnosis .