THE BIOTIC EFFECT OF SOME ORNAMENT PLANTS ON POUPUL BUGS Monosteria unicostata (Mul. and Rey) (Tingidae: Hemiptera)


The study was conducted to study the of water extracts of some ornamental plants Ruta graveolens, Agaves sislana, Iris florintena in poupul bug insects, showed a significant difference in the average mortality percentage in the insects according to the kind of the extract and concentration. Ruta extract showed high relative toxicity giving a mortality on insects 72% in comparison with the Agave and Iris ( 62 and 60 %)at 9% concentration respectively.Toxicity values have also been studied 1, 0.65, 0.66 at the Ruta; agave; Iris respectively. showed a significant difference in the attraction and repellency responies the study also of the insects according to ptants and the extract concentration where Ruta plant showed a superior repellency effect on insects in comparison with the other plant extracts and the effect of interaction between kind of extract and concentration gave Ruta plant at 9% concentration highest repellency percentage reached 52.22%.