Clinical and Pathological Evaluation of Patients with Nodular Goiter


The aim of this study is clinical and pathological evaluation. of nodular thyroid Goiter Patients.Methods :- The Present prospective study pts of nodule thyroid goiter who were treated surgically was performed over a period from February 2004 – January 2007. clinical symptoms and signs, thyroid function test and Formalin fixed , Paraffin embedded blocks from 127 patients with thyroidctomy were included in this study. Results : - A total of 127 cases were included there is female predominance (77%), (73.1 %) cases were euthyriod, (24.2 %) cases hyperthyriedism and (3.1 %) hypothyriedism. the histopathological results of thyroid Nodules were ( 69.3 %) colloid nodular Goiter, (15.7%) toxic Nodules, 11.8 % thyroid tumors only (3.2 %) was hashiomito's thyrioditis. The Papillary carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor (3 cases) followed by follicular carcinoma (2 cases). Conclusion :-Based upon the findings of this study. It can be concluded that Most of thyroid nodules are benign , Euthyriod and more common in female. Most cases of hypothyroidism associated with hashiomates thyrioditis. Papillary carcinoma is Most common Malignant thyroid Nodule tumor. benign thyroid tumor is more common than Malignant thyroid tumor. Incidental finding of thyroid tumor was in majority of cases of thyroid Nodule while the Minority of cases were clinically suspicious