Concept of communication (Communication) psychological and social dimension model


Scientists Seen connect to the concept of communication or negative phenomenon, to the compound or a means leave through them and through which interactions in the community, and this phenomenon is not being represented to sign a social process, more information please contact (Communication), embodies any form of social practice in the construction of the roles and messages and purposes, the West has worked on the use of communication to achieve the objectives of political, economic and social, and employment contact of the main activities of the west in the direction towards the Arabs, as the first of the bodies established contact when he entered this country. The West now directs and regulates the media, as the basis for nerve communication, and control. So Western culture imposed during three centuries all types of control over the world, there is a global tendency evident towards centralization and specialization in technical and rush toward modernization has led to the maximum benefit to offer massive developments and the growing concentration of means of communication. Media and globalization is the inevitable result of the communications revolution and stunning development in the means of communication.The human societies have always waited a lot in science and culture so-called demand-Social (Social Demand), so the role of the mainstream scientific culture outside the school, and institutions of education and training and research has become an urgent demand, also sought community to enrich relationships enrichment and vaccination mutual, and the intersection of all its components scientific organizations and cultural), The science of communication carrying capacity and coverage makes us unable to benefit from palm totals science disciplines. The multiplicity of needs and methods satisfy through the historical evolution of human life, and the emergence of problems it faces, could push the individual under pressure to ensure its survival and existence, to confirm their right to communicate which ends to the formation of society through contact with others and the second party, we find a force that pay is other community, may be under pressure to ensure the regularity and express himself to develop the means to connect to evolve and improve even lead eventually to the creation of social entities evolve more and more creating balances that arise between the individual and society (). so one of the researchers said (If their no communication between individuals of what we found and bonds between them, and what we found human society or human culture, in any way, touched the life of every individual and every community isolated from one another, although no one can imagine the situation that this world there humanity if not There were communication operations) (a). Therefore remained peoples struggling to achieve the right to communicate, until it became necessary to (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) be recorded in the incident nineteenth first from 1948 right information and communication, however, that this right may need to three centuries in full, are those between the invention Johntberg, and between the light philosophers in order to entrench the right to express and holds a special place in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ().


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