Influence of some climatic factors on the distribution of the leaf miner Syringopais temperatella Led. ( Scythridae : Lepidoptera ) and the response of several local wheat cultivars to infestation


Field trials were conducted to investigate the seasonal presence of the leaf miner Syringopais temperatella Led and to evaluate the response of some local wheat cultivars to infestation at Baghdad region during the growing seasons of 1998-1999, 1999-2000, and 2000-2001. Results indicated the presence of the pest during February of all seasons and its distribution depended on location and season of study .The environmental factors had an obvious influence on infestation intensity. Significant differences were observed between cultivars in their response to infestation. Number and length of tunnels were varied depending on location and the growing season. The cultivars IPA99 and the hard wheat cultivars were the least affected hosts. The number of larvae per tunnel was also varied but showed no correlation with specific cultivars and mainly depended on associated environmental conditions.