Synthesis of New Modified PVC and their Photostability Study


Reaction of PVC with carbothioimide, thiadiazole and traizole derivative in THF solution give a new polymers which were soluble in THF, DMF, DMSO, Three modified PVC polymer were synthesized through reaction of compounds (1-4) with PVC in THF solvent. The Photo stability of the prepared modified polymer was investigated. The modified polymers differ in their susceptibility to photo oxidation degradation from that unmodified PVC. The photostability effects of these heterocyclic moieties were monitored on the basis of carbonyl, polyene and hydroxyl indexes. The obtained results demonstrate that all modified polymers are more photosstabilized, rather than unmodified PVC. All the structure of these compounds [1-4] and P1,P2,P3 were confirmed by FT-IR, UV/Vis spectroscopy ,mass spectrum for compound [2] and 1H-NMR for compound [4].


PVC, Photostability.