Biostratigraphy of Planktonic Foraminifera in Aaliji and Jaddala Formations From East Baghdad Well No.2 , Middle Iraq


Planktonic foraminifera are studied from Aaliji and Jaddala Formations in East Baghdad Well No.2 between the depth interval 1770-1900 m. Four biostratigraphic zones are recognized in these formations:Globorotalia (A.) bullbrooki Zone (P.10).Globorotalia (Morozovella) subbotinae subbotinae Zone (P.7).Globorotalia (Morozovella) velascoensis Zone (P.5and6).Globorotalia(Globorotalia)pseudomenardii Zone (P.4).The results of this study are compared with the work of others inside and outside Iraq. The age of Aaliji in the said well is Late Paleocene - Early Eocene and that of Jaddala is Early – Middle Eocene.