The impact of civilization in the image and imagination in poetry Abbasi (analytical study)


Clear to us that poets Abbasids Astqgua their subject-matter of the raw image from the reality of technical civilization, Abbasid luxury Tabathm character, came Olvazam cultural meanings with cultural significance. Then we can see that the Abbasid period until the end of the third century AH, it was brighter and ages O_khasbha by civilization and bliss, who lived a man of the times. Also available all the causes and factors of growth of civilization, it was the land of Mesopotamia fertile ground to build a civilization upscale Asriz, came poets only to find themselves in the midst of this civilization, the center of this bliss in the palaces of the caliphs who internalized the palaces prestige and Oukara, as taken what Godoh in the court of the Persians to Blathm, making them a matter of admiration to poets, who sang the landmarks of civilization and progress that I was, their voices came to commemorate that heritage who bow to him tribute and honor to this day.