Application of Dodeca Tungesta Phosphoric Acid Supported on Zirconia's To The Catalytically Treated Decalin Over Alumina Silicate Derived From Bentonite


This work involves preparation of a catalyst from bentonite ore. The ore was purified from carbonate and bicarbonate . The carbonate free bentonite (alumina silicate) was used to Catalytically treated decalin at 600 ° C. A second step was the treatment of the product from bentonite catalyst over more selective cracking catalyst (W/ZrO2) at 300, 400 and 500 °C at constant flow rate for all treatment. The product from the treatment was analyzed chemically and spectroscopicaly using IR, refractive index and gas-liquid chromatography (UOP 744). The result indicated the conversion of decalin to alkyl cyclohexane and alkyl benzene.