Catalytic treatment of Kerosene (180-260) °C over Bentonite rich alumina silicate and oxidation over prepared Silver catalyst supported on calcinated CaCO3


In this research work , two types of catalysts were prepared from Bentonite . The Bentonite was purified from inactive components such as carbonate, bicarbonate , dolomite .... etc In the first catalytic treatment, kerosene was passed over the bentonite catalyst at 500 ° C at constant flow rate aiming to obtain some reactive linkages for the second treatment . The second catalyst was prepared by supporting silver metal over calcium carbonate and used to react with materials from the above step . Analysis of the hydrocarbon chemical composition indicate a reduction in the n-paraffinic content which could be due to cracking reactions , The amount of olefinic hydrocarbons are increased too in the two treatments . The two catalysts activate reactions accurated in the treatment according to the temperature employed and probably the hydrocarbon structure .The (IR) spectrum showed increase the aromatic system in some treated samples.