Effect of environmental conditionsions on some biological aspects of Drosophila melanogaster Meigen ( Diptera : Drosophilidae ) collected from Saidiya and Tuwaitha regions in Baghdad


The wild populations of the vinegar fly Drosophila melanogaster Meigen from two regions in Baghdad , Saidiya and Tuwaitha were selected for this study to investigating the frequency of the dominant lethality , this parameter was investigated through fecundity and egg hatchability rate which considered as main indicator for the presence of mutation .The results showed that fecundity rate in Saidiya increased with time , so the lowest rate was 65.5 eggs per female in November and the highest was 87.4 eggs in May , the same results was observed for Tuwaitha except a significantly decrease in fecundity rate that was observed in May which was 42.7 eggs , as well as another significant differences between the two regions was observed in March when the rate was in Saidiya more than Tuwaitha . The hatchability rate increased gradually in Saidiya until March which equal 69.3% , then decreased significantly in May and reached 48.6% , meanwhile , in Tuwaitha the highest hatchability rate was 67.6% in November, then it was decreased until March , while in May it decreased significantly to 24.5% . So , the hatchability rate decreased significantly in Tuwaitha if compared with that of Saidiya in March and May , before that , the opposite was in November and there isn’t any significant differences between the two regions in January .