Monitoring Electrophilic Substitution for Determination of Amino Compounds by Flow Injection Chemiluminescence Methods


Flow injection chemiluminescence procedure is described for determination of some amino compounds, based on their reaction with bromine produced from reaction of bromate/bromide mixture in acidic medium. Some bromine is consumed and the rest catalyze the chemiluminescence intensity of luminol/H2O2 system. The flow injection chemiluminescence methods with merging zone principle were conducted instantly through an on-line design. Sampling rate was 95 s.h-1 . Amino compounds such as aniline, 1-naphthyl amine, o-anisidine, 2-methyl aniline and acryl amide were determined and best working conditions for their determinations were optimized. Linear calibrations of these compounds were in the range 1x10-7 – 1x10-2 M with correlation coefficients of (0.989), (0.985), (0.992), (0.997) and (0.980) respectively.