Histological changes of the parotid gland of mice maintained on a liquid diet


The purpose of this study was to recognize the histological alterations that occurred in the parotid glands of mice fed a liquid diet compared to a solid diet. Thirty-six mice were randomly divided into two groups. The control group received a solid diet, and the experimental group received a liquid diet. The mice were killed after 21 days. The glands were prepared for histological technique in paraffin wax and examined by a light microscope. The results showed a statistically significant reduction of the parotid gland acini diameter of the mice from the experimental group compared to the control group, in which the diameter of serous acini in experimental group was (22.2) and in the control group was (29.13), there was no significant reduction in the diameter of striated ducts, and no significant reduction in interstitial connective tissue. The conclusion was the reduction in diameter of serous acini is greatly related to the decrease in the need of masticatory function.