Response of Several Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Genotypes for Three Seed rates


A field experiment was conducted during 2005-2006 winter season at Ramadi to study the response of five wheat genotypes to three seed rates concerning yield and its components. Factorial arrangement was use according to R.C.B.D. with three replicates. seed rates were so, 120 and 160 kg/ha and the cultivars IPA 95, IPA99, Al- Fat'h, Abu-Ghraib 3 and sham6. The results showed that seed rate (120) Kg/ ha had Highest number of grain per spike, and weight of 1000 seeds as average for all genotypes. IPA 99 achieved the highest value of number of spike/ m2, grain weight (g) and grain yield (8.96 t/ ha). A significant interaction was obtained between genotypes and seed rate since IPA 99 gave highest grain yield (9.5) t/ ha at seed rate (120) Kg/ ha.


Genotypes, Three, Seed, rates