Handicrafts against Imported Goods Socio anthroplogical Study In Mosul Market


Any phenomenon or research problem can be investigated from several angles. Specialists might insist on their own opinions and present a precise scientific description of the part they focus on. Through their unpretentious attempt, the researchers tried to investigate the marketplace and its components economically and socially to present another picture or factor that completes the picture. This study aims at investigating investigate craftsmanships and their existence in Mosul marketplace as none of us is acquainted with the beginnings of the traditional craftsmanships that have been necessary to meet the needs of societies. Thus, such crafts became the constants of our deep-rooted heritage and the treasure of its people, i.e. the treasure that can never be forgotten no matter how many years or days pass. The loftiness of the past is nothing but the deriving and lightening of the present the innovative stages of which were shortened by old craftsmen; and, as everyone knows, the first step of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The transformation of art into a bi-equation combined the old and the new. that was gained by high technicality and skills. Long ago, the Arab land has been known by its manual industries because of the abundance of craftsmen. Till now, there are a lot of people whose living depends on craftsmanship. The traditional industry represents one of the primary factors upon which the economical ambience of hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of families depend in spite of the wane and the reduction of the number of craftsmen nowadays. The originality of the past and its relation to the culture of the present is embodied in the specialization of many deep-rooted societies in such a craftsmanship, especially those societies that have clear originality and which are proud of their heritage and modern history.


Problems, society, market