The role of technology in achievement competitive advantage Investigate opinions engineers of textile factor in Mosul


AbstractThe objective of the is research to determine the role and contribution of modern techniques in increasing the competitive advantage of organizations and as we know, the development and scientific advances have created many of the modern techniques and productivity means, which encouraged organizations to adapt these modern techniques to keep up with the developments and maintain the competitive advantage. Taking all that into consideration, the problem of this research is represented by the dependence of the organization under question on classic techniques instead of using modern techniques and means in production processes and lines which might prevent the organization from holding a competitive advantage. The significance of this research becomes evident in drawing attention of the management of the organization under question to the importance of modern productivity means for their capability of achieving advantages and benefits and saving time and efforts and because they have excellence capabilities to perform work. The research assumes that adapting modern techniques in production of goods and providing services contributes in achieving many advantages for organization under question. The research depended on questionnaire as a main tool to collect the data and information needed, the questionnaire was prepared based on a set of researches and studies in this area and the questionnaire was distributed on a sample group of engineers in the organization and then the data was analyzed on computers to reach the results and infer the conclusions and then put a set of suggestions which can be employed by the organization under research.