Requirements to meet the quality of accounting education on the application of the accounting department / Collage of Management and Economics at the University of Mosu


The study sought to the development of accounting education in response to developments occurring in the world to incorporate the accounting department in the college of Management and Economics at the University of Mosul, in the context of universities in the world through the adoption of quality of higher education by providing technology and accounting software and supplies, equipment and facilities in the department and with the assistance of management of the Section by providing the necessary requirements for the application of for the preparation of quality education outputs (graduates) working in a changing environment and evolving in the local labor market and globally. The study posed a series of research questions need to apply the quality of education in the accounting section and the requirements of this crisis? Research has come to a set of conclusions was the most important of the stability of the health of his hypothesis and concluded the search to a set of recommendations the most important of the establishment of committees within the department to monitor the quality of the educational process with the participation of faculty members and assist management of the Section to provide supplies, equipment and facilities and the development of the attic and educational curricula to prepare graduates qualified to work in the variable