Response of Three Sorghum Genotypes for Three of Nitrogen Fertilizer


Afield experiment was conducted during spring seasone 2008. In Ramadi to study the response of three sorghum genotypes to three leveles of nitrogen fertilizer. Factorial arrangement was use according to R.C.B.D. with three replicates. The level of nitrogen fertilizer were so, (75, 150& 225)kg/N/ha. The cultivars (Kafir, Rabeh, Inqath). The results showed that the cultivar inkath gave highest grain yield (4.91)T/ha. The level of nitrogen fertilizer (225)kg/n/ha gave the highest value of early flowering, leaf area, 1000kernd weight and grain yield. There was a significant interaction between genotypes and nitrogen levels on the grain yield, the cultivar Inkath gave (5.62)T/ha at level nitrogen (225)kg/N/ha.