The incidence of Brucellosis in Salahddin Governorate


Three hundred ninty eight patients who suffer from symptoms of brucellosis were included in this study. The study was conducted in Tikrit teaching hospital at Tikrit city during the period from 1st of June 2004 to 31 August 2004.The incidence of Brucellosis was 166 out of 398. Among the positive cases, the higher rate of incidence was in female (59.6%). According to association between the age and sex with Brucellosis, the rate of incidence of Brucellosis was higher in female 99 (59.6%) than in male 67(40.4%), most male cases 34 (50.7%) were in age groups (20 -30y), while in female were 37(37.4%) in age groups (>40y). The lower rate of incidence of Brucellosis in male (4.5%) was in age groups (10-20y) and in female was (4%) in age groups (1-10y). Also the study revealed that, the higher rate of infection was found in patients who live in rural areas and who were animal keepers.