The impact of context in Koranic Almottagablat when Dr. Fadhil al-Samarrai


Caught my attention and I read a number of the books of Dr. Fadhil al-Samarrai his care Bamufrdh the Koran and the means to respond in the Holy Quran patterns on the pattern of specific audio in some contexts, and respond to the pattern of another voice in the context of another, or other contexts as if no Baladgam in the position and unzip Slurring elsewhere , or using switched altogether or switched altogether, or being used on the conditions of proof and the deletion, therefore, necessitated the nature of the research that is divided into three areas, he spoke first axis for assimilation and dismantling of assimilation, and the second for replacement and leave replacement, and the third handled the evidence and the deletion. I tried to analyze the samples for each axis of these axes, then sealing the research conclusion showed the search results.