Comparison of Routine Identification Methods for Leptospira with PCR Technique


The study included comparision between routine methods for isolation and identification of Leptospira from clinical and environmental samples with PCR.Routine work included the study of morphological and cultural characteristics using dark-field microscope, transmission electron microscope and light microscope as well as some enzymatic activities . Leptospira showed positivity to catalase and oxidase enzymes . Leptospira DNA was extracted it quantitated between (5.5-6) µg/µl with purity (1.8-1.9) .To compare with PCR , specific primer was used for amplification of 331 bp of 16S rRNA gene . The Leptospira percentage from blood and urine samples were the same (0.45% and 6.2% respectively) by using routine methods and PCR technique , while from CSF samples it gave 1.6% routienelly but the PCR gave negative results . With respect to the water samples the number of isolates were 12 (24%) by routine methods but by PCR technique it gave positive result only for 8 isolates (16%) .