The use of some Nematocides for the control of local strain of root- knot nematodes Meloidogyne javanica on Tomato in Abu- Ghrib, Baghdad


Five Nematicides; Oxamyl (vydate), Ethopropos (Mocap), Carbofuran (Furadan), Phenamiphos (Nemacur), Telon, were tested in the field to explore their effectiveness against root – knot nematodes: Meloidogyne javanica (Treub) Chit wood on tomato. Results showed that there were no significant differences in the percentage of infection between the nematicides and the control treatment, in the incidence of root- knot disease on tomato. However, there were significant differences in root – gall index ,the hight of the plants and tomato production between the nematicides and the control treatments. the nematicide ranged according to their effectiveness as fallows: Oxamyl, Ethopropos, Carbofuran, Phenamiphos ,Telon .The product of the nematicides treatments were 31.24 , 28.30, 27.55 , 21.00 ,24.45 kg/ treatment respectively. Therefore, the nematicides oxamyl, Ethopropos, Carbofuran, could be used in the control mangments against Root-knot nematodes M. javanica in the field.