Isolation and Identification of Providencia alcalifaciens from Infantile Diarrhea and Study of the Histological Changes that it Cause


Providencia alcalifaciens had been isolated and diagnosed 351 infantile diarrheal cases, from both sexes at the age of 2 years or less depending on screening tests that included microscopic examination and biochemical tests which formed 3.13%.Also the study detected the ability of Providencia alcalifaciens for the production of melanine like pigment upon it's growth on the special medium was distinguished by the appearance of brownish colour.In order to study the invasion of enterocytes the mice infants were orally injected with the suspension of the bacterium. Then histological sections performed to study the mode of the entry of this bacterium the enterocytes. The microscopic findings showed pathogenic lesions in the intestinal tissue with hyperplasia in Payer's patches and infiltration of neutrophils and lymphocytes .