Modeling the Effect of Operation Temperature on Characteristics of Rosen Type Piezoelectric Transformer


A simplified lumped model that makes direct correlation between Rosen'spiezoelectric transformer (PT) dimensions and material properties via equivalentcircuit parameters was studied. The model calculation of the resonancecharacteristics and voltage gain was associated with changes in operatingtemperatures from 50°C to 70°C. It is found that for different load resistors, theresonance frequencies are shifted by less than 1.6% their normal values uponraising the operation temperature to 70°C, whereas the sensitivity of voltage gainis better at higher load resistors.Each of the elastic compliances SE11, SE33 and SD33 of the PT material due to theirtemperature dependency cause the resonance frequency to shift below and abovethe normal value by less than 1% for very slight change in voltage gain in eachcase. The overall balance between mechanical parameters may play role in theoptimum stability of the voltage gain.