A drug scnsitivity of bacteria isolated from otitis media patients and a study of agent effect on transmission of disease in Diala government


the study Included 'the diagnosis of the pathogenic bacteria w hlch isolated From the Infection of otitis med la patients w Catch arrived the clmical consultant of G eneral Baquba hospital (ENT) w ithin 2006 year it had been detected many agents act for distribution betw een ( 100 ) patients and had been isolated and diag nosed many tyrpe of bacteria after cultured the sw abs on special culture media the di agnosed bacteria were protcus spp . staphylococcus aw eus pseudomonus aeruginosa . esherichia coli sueptococcus pnewmoniae w ith Infection percentage ( 34.5 , 25.5 , 20 , 13.6 6. 4 )% respecvely 'the high percent of Infection in age between - (1.10) y ears w as (40%) and low. percent of Infection in age more than (50) years was ( 5% ) The Infection became ( 60% ) with males and (40%) with femal es the high infection occured in iurural ( 55% ) and urban w as (45% ) the high percent of infection in w inter about (40 %) and low er percent of Infection in summe ( 15% ) a high number of-. Isolated bacteria were sensitivi for ofloxaccid Gip rofloxiccin Tobromy cin antibiotics The high esistant for antibiotics was as by P