The preparation and characterization of some metal complexes with tridentate ONO ligand derived from phenyl hydrazine


The phenyl hydrazine was react readily with acetic acid chloride in [1:2] ratio in alkyl of ethanolic solution, and refluxe for five hours to produce a new ligand of (N-Carboxymethyl-N-phenyl-hydrazino)-acetic acid [H2L].This ligand used to synthesize complexes with Cu(п), Co(п), Cr(III) and Pd(п), the structures of some compounds were studied and by Elemental analyses (C H N), IR, UV-Visible and 1C 13H-NMR spectra, as well as molar conductance measurements, magnetic susceptibility data, and melting point. According to These studies the suggested structure was spin-paired octahedral for the prepared complexes, except the structure of palladium complex was square planar around Pd(п) ion.