Comparison of myo mattress and modified figure eight techniques for hernial treatment in ruminant


This study was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of using modified suture technique for closing hernial ring and compare it with one of the most available methods. 10 ruminants (9 sheep and 1 goat) suffering from abdominal hernia were used. Animals were categorized according to the type of suture technique used for closing the hernial ring into 2 groups as following:Group 1: Myo mattress pattern was used.Group 2: Modified suture pattern from figure -8 was used.Healing process of the two groups was studied clinically for 30 days after operation. Results showed that the two techniques have good result for closing the hernia ring which have diameter between 6-10 cm. The modified figure-8 technique was characterized by efficiency for closing the thick and thin edges of hernial rings. Whereas, myo mattress pattern was characterized by efficiency for closing the hernial ring which have thin edges. Also results show presence thickening at the operation site in animals treated with modifiedfigure-8 persist more than 10 days in compression with myo mattress pattern which thickening was disappear less than 10 days