Practical Investigation for Improving Concentrating Solar Power Stations Efficiency in Iraqi Weathers


Better understanding the innovative process of renewable energy technologies is important for tackling climate change. Concentrated solar power (CSP) is a method of electric generation fueled by the heat of the sun, an endless source of clean, free energy. Commercially viable and quickly expanding, this type of solar technology requires strong, direct solar radiation and is primarily used as a large, centralized source of power for utilities. This study has focused on the feasibility of improving concentrating solar power (CSP) plant efficiency, by manufacturing a diminished prototype. Three states were studied, coloring the central target with a selective black color, fixing a reflector with arc form behind the target, and using these two changes together. The results showed an improvement in the thermal storage varied form month to month. The maximum stored energy was gained at August with increments about 56.1%, 58.63%, 62.23 and 64.69% for ordinary target, black painting, using reflector alone and black target with reflector together, respectively compared with stored energy for March.