(28)Study of Environmental of Some Soil Samples from Kufa in Najaf city, Iraq


The parameters of environmental in some selected samples from Kufa in Najaf city was determined and discussed. Five soil samples were collected from:1- Housing grouped for kufa cement factory 2- Kufa river bottom3- Kufa bridge closeness (Kufa Environment office)4- Kenda-5- Gazwyniha We implemented a laboratory apparatus based on a NaI (Tl) γ-ray spectrometer, where connect the scintillation detector with multichannel analyzer.Results showed the presence of natural radionuclide Ra226 in soil samples. In order to evaluate the radiological hazard of the natural radioactivity, mean resulted Dose has been calculated. Chemical analysis for concentration of NO2-1, NO3-1 and PO4-3 the range of values (0.701-2.246),(2.55-13.236),(0.00-0.003)ppm respectively, also carried out along with the measurement of electrical conductivity and pH of the soils samples; the values range (272-9360) µScm-1 and (7.51-8.11), respectively.